Thursday, August 14, 2014

The interface will adapt to terminals

The icons or charms bar (right on the picture) bar was one of the new Windows 8 ergonomic proposal that does not meet the membership of users.  According to the latest rumors, it could disappear in the next version of the OS.  © Microsoft

The interface will adapt to terminals

This new Windows, which carries the currently codenamed Threshold ( threshold in English ), should bring many new features and adjustments for Grievance users. Starting with the return of the Start menu is already confirmed by Microsoft. It will adopt a format hybrid , combining the installed programs list in the right column and customizable dynamic tile in the left column. A first image of the new Start menu has recently appeared on the Internet via the forum My Digital Life.

Another change is granted, the ability to make applications of modern classic interface in the environment turn Bureau. But more importantly, Windows Threshold would be able to adapt according to the terminal on which it is installed. This was revealed journalist Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft recognized specialist. On a PC with mouse and keyboard, the OS will run by default on the Windows desktop. On a tablet touch is modern interface will load. Something for everyone and especially Microsoft reconcile with its installed base that has still a majority of PC users ...

Threshold may hold yet more surprises. The latest revelations Site WinBeta , the toolbar (called charms bar in English) could simply disappear. The features of this menu on the right side of the window in Windows 8 will be integrated directly into the Windows interface of modern applications. Another rumor, this time reported by Neowin , on the introduction of virtual desktops through which users can run their applications in different areas while having a unified view. A novelty which really would not be an option since it already exists on Mac OS X and distribution Linux Ubuntu . According to Mary-Jo Foley, a first preview of Threshold would be launched this fall. The opportunity to verify all information and see if Microsoft was able to hear his clients.