Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AT&T to begin deploying fiber network in Austin, Texas to compete with Google Fiber

AT&T has announced that they will be bringing their fiber network to Austin, Texas later this year to compete with Google’s own fiber network. AT&T’s network matches up with Google’s fairly well, offering up to 1 gigabit-per-second speeds. AT&T is hopeful that this deployment will bring their network to tens of thousands of people in the area by the end of 2014. The CEO of the wireless network operator seems to think that the costs associated with deploying fiber optic cable has come down enough that it’s a smart financial decision to start aggressively pushing this new network, and that he hopes to see more companies expand fiber networks into new markets in the next few years, and hopefully he’s right. Increased competition in the fiber market would mean better prices for consumers and faster internet connection speeds. It’s a win-win situation.

T-Mobile bringing Classic plans to an end at national retailers

T-Mobile has issued a new directive to their employees informing them the company is putting an end to Classic plans at national retailers. Earlier this year T-Mobile commenced their Uncarrier strategy to start moving to unsubsidized devices and Simple Choice plans for service. Buyers who were interested in T-Mobile but wanted a traditional, subsidized device for a set contract period could avoid the new Uncarrier philosophy by purchasing their device through a national retailer like Best Buy. It is not clear what T-Mobile may provide to the national retailers as a replacement, unless they are just going to expand the Uncarrier and Simple Choice options beyond their own web site or other T-Mobile owned channels. DroidStars.com

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CyanogenMod Privacy Guard updated and merged with CM10.2

Google introduced a feature called ‘AppOps‘ along with Android 4.3 and as such, it looks like CyanogenMod has something similar. In terms of Cyanogen, the feature is called Privacy Guard and while this is not yet available for all users, that appears as if that will soon be changing. In short, Cyanogen has updated Privacy Guard and also announced the new features have been merged into the early CM10.2 builds.

Anyway, according to details coming from the CyanogenMod posting, they have “merged an update to Privacy Guard for 10.2 code that implements AppOps.” And perhaps a bit more important for those already familiar with Privacy Guard, further details mention how “you will still see the familiar UI from Privacy Guard, just with additional power and customization hidden within.”

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oppo N1 announced with rotating camera & official support for flashing CyanogenMod

While we’d heard Oppo would be bringing a new high end smartphone to the masses, it has finally been made official. It’s the Oppo N1, a 5.9 inch smartphone with a Snapdragon 600 processor sitting inside. This unique device features a 13 megapixel rotating camera that can be horizontally swiveled for up to 260 degrees of range.

Thus, it acts as both the rest and front camera, and any other angle you might need. The unique sensor features a 6-element f/2.0 lens that’s supposed to be able to deliver stunning imagery, though we can’t vouch for that promise ourselves just yet.

The self diffusing LED flash means you can use it to create ample lighting for not only rear images, but front ones, as well (we’ve always wanted a phone with front-facing flash). The camera can be awakened at any moment simply by twisting the lens a bit, giving you the ability to quickly launch the thing in situations where you don’t have a ton of time to waste. Oppo is also interesting their O-Touch and O-Click technologies. Simply put:

Sony tired of leaks, looks to contain them with signage at workplaces

It looks like Sony is getting a bit tired of all the leaks they’ve had to put up with. Their phones are often fully detailed and revealed weeks and even months before we get an official announcement. They want to put an end to it, though, with some “strict” rules and set of protocols for using unannounced devices ahead of their unveiling.

The sign above has reportedly been spotted in various areas of Sony workplaces with the following messages:

  • Do not use phones without protective cover
  • Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (unless NDA is signed)
  • Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public web pages etc.
  • Do not use 3rd party benchmarking applications

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Download Android Commander for PC

Android Commander is a small, fast and very useful tool to manage mobile devices (Android enabled) directly from Windows. With it, you can perform various operations on files, which, for example, copy / move data between your mobile device and your computer. The program is ideal for organizing and cleaning the internal memory or an SD card installed in your mobile device. Users can wholesale move, delete and modify files and folders, check the batteries of your mobile device and read about the most important information and specifications.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Affordable Android Phone: Motorola Atrix HD

For about the same price as the LG Optimus G, you can also get yourself a Motorola Atrix HD. We know, Motorola hasn’t really been active around these parts lately, but that doesn’t mean that the old Atrix HD is any less of a must-have for it.

Part of the Motorola Atrix HD’s list of features are a 4.5-inch HD display, an 8MP camera with 1080p video recording capability, and support for 4G LTE. But its most interesting feature is probably its Dupont Kevlar construction, which makes it very sturdy. Combined with a splash guard coating, this makes the Motorola Atrix HD one of the few inexpensive choices for people who lead an active lifestyle.

As mentioned earlier, it can be purchased for only $49 with a contract. But if you’d rather use a prepaid SIM card, its price tops off at just $350 without one. For more about cheap Android Phones, visit my website

Friday, August 2, 2013

Using VPN on Android Tablet

Virtual Private Network adds additional security protocols which allows connection to a private network.

VPN is usually offered by corporations, schools, etc. to allow users to connect into the internal private local network while not physically on location.

There are several ways to secure a VPN network. Before you can connect to a VPN network for tablet, you must get the security information from your IT people that set up the VPN network.

Working with secure certificates

If the VPN connection security uses secure certificates, you must get the certificate information and add them in your tablet’s secure credential storage, before you can configure VPN access on your tablet.

If you need to download the certificates from a web site, you’ll be asked to setup a password for the credential storage when you download the certificates. If get the certificates in some other way, you will need to use the Security & location settings to set a password for the credential storage first.

To add a VPN:

  1. From the home screen, touch Apps.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Wireless & Networks.
  4. Touch VPN Settings.
  5. Touch Add VPN.
  6. Touch the type of VPN you want to add.
  7. In the screen that opens, follow the instructions from your network administrator to configure each component of the VPN’s settings.
  8. Touch the menu icon located at top right corner of the screen and Touch Save.

The VPN is added to the list on the VPN settings screen.

To connect to a VPN:

  1. From the home screen, touch Apps.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Wireless & Networks.
  4. Touch VPN Settings.
  5. Touch the VPN you want to connect to.
  6. In the dialog that opens, enter any requested credentials and touch Connect.

When you’re connected to a VPN, you receive an ongoing notification in the status bar. If you are disconnected, you receive a notification that you can use to return to the VPN settings screen so you can reconnect to it.

Android VPN

Sunday, July 14, 2013

VLC for Android APK

Android: If you've been waiting for news on an Android version of VLC, wait no longer. The media player finally launched an Android beta today, and it brings VLC's trademark play-anything goodness, multi-track subtitle support, and even whole-library management tools to Android devices, but be warned: the developers make no bones about the fact that it's a beta, and there's a lot of work to be done on it.

The first thing worth noting is that the VLC for Android beta is a port of the iOS version, largely to get a framework in place where the VLC mobile team can work from. They point out that everything about the app will change as it gets updated, including the UI and major features, and hardware decoding only works on a few devices at the moment. Even so, it's still VLC, can play just about anything (including network streams), supports multi-tack audio and video with subtitles, has a home-screen widget for audio control without launching the app, and it supports headsets with in-line audio controls.

The developers point out that "It might kill your kitten, destroy your house and start the mayan apocalypse," and warn you to "Use at your own risk." They also point out that this version is for "power users and hackers," so while it worked great on the devices we tested, make sure your device is supported before trusting it with your media. It's definitely not as polished as our favorite media player for Android, MoboPlayer, but Android has no shortage of great media players, and hey—this is VLC! If you give it a try, let us know your experience with it in the comments below.

VLC for Android APK

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Best Cheap Android Phones

Time was when buying a cheap phone meant having to make do with a really sluggish device, running an old version of Google's operating system that locked you out of the most exciting apps on the platform.

Happily, times have changed as more and more mobile makers have jumped aboard Google's Android bandwagon. Now established as by far the most popular phone platform in the UK, prices have been driven downhill.

Around £100

For the £100 mark, you can easily put a pay as you go Android smart phone in your pocket that you won't be embarrassed to show off in public.

Spend your pennies wisely and it's possible to bag a mobile with a 1GHz chip and a screen pushing 4 inches. Stretch your budget just a little further and you can grab a dual-core chip too.

If you can't afford £100, there are cheaper 'droids out there -- although it obviously follows that the less cash you spend, the less exciting an experience you should expect.

Around the £90 mark, there are some solid options with chips in the 600-800MHz range. It's really worth stressing that there can be a considerable difference in performance at the cheap end of the Android market, so spend your money wisely.

Cheap Android Phones

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Download

The LEGO Group has announced a FREE new mobile video game called Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. The action-packed game will be available to play on iOS devices as well as via any browser on the official LEGO website from May 4th, 2013. Yes, this Saturday! Android devices will get the game in Summer 2013.

The storyline is: “The Clone Wars have raged for three years with neither the Knights of the Jedi Order or the Droid Army of the Separatists close to victory. On Coruscant in the quiet Holocron Vault at the centre of the Jedi Temple, Master Yoda instructs the next generation of Jedi – the Padawans. Little do they know that Darth Sidious has hatched a mischievous plan to tip the tide of the war and trouble is brewing across the galaxy…”

Questing with Yoda or Count Dooku, players can choose to join the Light Side or the Dark Side in this thrilling new FREE game. The Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles story and game intertwines with the 2013 LEGO Star Wars novelty products in which there’s a mix of real time laser battles, intricate dungeon crawling, lightsaber duels and tense space combat high above Coruscant. The game contains 15 fast-paced main levels and 5 bonus mini-missions, to be played as either the Light Side or the Dark Side. Half of these levels are available in the first release on May the 4th, with the remainder following in Summer 2013 when the game will also be released on Android devices.

Players must head into battle across dusty desert planets and through high tech facilities, using minimal yet engaging controls to command their units. Collecting studs along the way allows players to build troops, ground units (tanks and walkers) and starships. There are 20 achievements rewarded per release for completing the main missions with style and skill. The 5 additional mini-missions offer a frantic quick play option with the one aim of destroying as many opponents as possible! Ranking up in the mini-missions will increase the power of a player’s units in the main game.

Integrated with LEGO ID, players can also switch their game between mobile devices and the web and experience exclusive bonus levels on each platform. Finally, you can use your own powers of perception to find secret codes hidden throughout the Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles mini-movies and website, to unlock bonus units, perks and content!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kingdom Rush for Android

The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command!
Fight on forests, mountains and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!

★ Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours!
★ Command your soldiers and see them engage in hand to hand cartoon battles!
★ 8 specialized tower upgrades to customize your strategy! Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Wizards, Forest Rangers to name a few.
★ Over 18 tower abilities! Have your Sorcerers summon earth elementals and polymorph your enemies!
★ Over 50 different enemies, from Goblins to Demons each with their own skills! (Beware of the mountain Trolls!)
★ 9 Heroes: Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory!
★ Intense boss fights never seen on a defense game!
★ Hours of gameplay with over 60 achievements
★ Extra game modes that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit.
★ High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art!
★ In-game encyclopedia with information from your towers and enemies.
★ Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dark Avenger for Android APK Download

Since Gamevil got into the 3rd party publishing business we have seen some pretty interesting games coming out under the company's name. Most of these games break away from the tradition style of Gamevil titles and today the company has released a video which gives us a sneak peek into one of their upcoming games called Dark Avenger.
While details are pretty limited right now as to what Dark Avenger is and what all comes with the game, the sneak peek video does give us a little bit of an idea as to what we can expect when the game launches onto Google Play. Developed by Boolean Games, Dark Avenger looks to be a 3D dungeon crawler type of game with a top-down isometric view.
Unfortunately we only get to see one class in the video, a dual sword wielding warrior type of class. The gameplay and overall game itself looks similar to other titles such as Dungeon Hunter or even Diablo with the whole dark and demon type of theme to it. As for when Dark Avenger will arrive onto Android, there is no release date just yet.

Windows 8 Theme for Android

Windows 8 Go Launcher EX Theme
MetroDroid is a Windows 8 Metro UI inspired theme that make your phone look and feel like the Windows 8 Start Screen.
The theme includes:
15 wallpapers in diferent colors.
8 different icon base colors.
29 custom icons and more to come.
All new elements and redesigned layout inspired in Metro UI.
tags: Windows, 8, Metro, MetroDroid, technology, Go Launcher EX
Theme Made in Portugal

Monday, April 1, 2013

Radio Shack displays HTC One sign; retailer offers $50 Google Play card and $10 coupon

he biggest smartphone match up this year may not be the Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 5S. Heck, it might not even have anything to do with Apple's iconic smartphone at all. Sometime near the end of the month, all hell breaks loose in the U.S. as the Samsung Galaxy S4 launches around the same time as the HTC One.

Even though no precise launch date for the HTC One has been announced, one particular Radio Shack is so excited to be offering the 4.7 inch device with the industry leading 468ppi pixel density, that it has already put up signage for the phone. And that is good for us because it allows us to see two additional pieces of information pertaining to the launch by Radio Shack. First, we should point out that the device being displayed is Sprint's version of the HTC One and it looks like the price is gong to be $199.99 with a two year contract. That price point might help HTC in its battle with Samsung as AT&T is apparently going to be asking $249.99 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a signed two-year pact. Assuming that these two prices hold up for the HTC One on AT&T and the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon and Sprint, and this little battle is going to be very interesting.

Meanwhile, the HTC One sign put up at that unnamed Radio Shack also reveals that those buying the phone who agree to be handcuffed for two years, will receive a $50 Google Play gift card, which will come in handy no doubt. And in addition, the Shack is offering buyers a $10 coupon to HTC One buyers that you could use the next time you need batteries.

Download Order & Chaos Duels

HTC One teardown is not for the faint of heart