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The interface will adapt to terminals

The icons or charms bar (right on the picture) bar was one of the new Windows 8 ergonomic proposal that does not meet the membership of users.  According to the latest rumors, it could disappear in the next version of the OS.  © Microsoft

The interface will adapt to terminals

This new Windows, which carries the currently codenamed Threshold ( threshold in English ), should bring many new features and adjustments for Grievance users. Starting with the return of the Start menu is already confirmed by Microsoft. It will adopt a format hybrid , combining the installed programs list in the right column and customizable dynamic tile in the left column. A first image of the new Start menu has recently appeared on the Internet via the forum My Digital Life.

Another change is granted, the ability to make applications of modern classic interface in the environment turn Bureau. But more importantly, Windows Threshold would be able to adapt according to the terminal on which it is installed. This was revealed journalist Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft recognized specialist. On a PC with mouse and keyboard, the OS will run by default on the Windows desktop. On a tablet touch is modern interface will load. Something for everyone and especially Microsoft reconcile with its installed base that has still a majority of PC users ...

Threshold may hold yet more surprises. The latest revelations Site WinBeta , the toolbar (called charms bar in English) could simply disappear. The features of this menu on the right side of the window in Windows 8 will be integrated directly into the Windows interface of modern applications. Another rumor, this time reported by Neowin , on the introduction of virtual desktops through which users can run their applications in different areas while having a unified view. A novelty which really would not be an option since it already exists on Mac OS X and distribution Linux Ubuntu . According to Mary-Jo Foley, a first preview of Threshold would be launched this fall. The opportunity to verify all information and see if Microsoft was able to hear his clients.

Windows, aka Threshold: an update on the new expected

Windows, aka Threshold: an update on the new expected

Microsoft is preparing to release a new version of Windows currently known as Threshold code. This new OS, due out next year, will have the difficult task of erasing the many flaws of Windows 8 which is struggling to attract individuals as well as professionals. The information distilled show that the finalization of this Windows 9 reflects the criticisms leveled at the current system.

One of the major complaints that users have with Windows 8 is the removal of the Start menu.  Microsoft has confirmed that he will return in the next version.  A first image of the new menu has appeared on the Internet a few weeks ago.  © My Digital Life

Windows 8 may well be the operating system of the newest Microsoft (OS), it is not the most popular! According to the latest figures from NetMarketShare , Windows 8 and its update 8.1 cumulative 12.48% market share, far behind the ancestor Windows XP (24.82%) and Windows 7 (51.22%) which is supposed successor (remember that the end of support for Windows 7 is already programmed). Launched in October 2012, the new OS has attempted the challenge of change by removing the Start menu button and the famous Windows and offering two distinct environments.

The first, called modern interface (formerly Metro), is aimed at terminals touchscreen with applications specific presented a mosaic of windows called dynamic tiles . The second environment is the classic Windows desktop that Microsoft wanted to take second place by setting a default boot on modern interface. Result, Windows 8 has baffled users uncomfortable with having to juggle between these two worlds. Companies also shunned the new OS which was not sufficient to justify a transition from Windows 7 or from XP! A fiasco that is reminiscent of Windows Vista ... Sensing the danger, Microsoft has worked to make adjustments for the next version, the output is planned for 2015.

A higher than expected flow of micrometeorites at least 50 times

A video presentation of Gaia and its scientific mission. © euronews, YouTube

Before you really begin his harvest of observations that should last until 2019, astronomers and engineers were careful, of course, to check that all was well. However, they found minor disturbances. Despite his visor 10m diameter responsible for maintaining a steady temperature to avoid mechanical deformation may reduce the accuracy of measurements, a light parasite stronger than expected entered the instruments.

The telescope itself expands and contracts from tens of nanometers to more than expected. Finally, small amounts of water that were trapped in the machine before its launch are sublimated in the vacuum of space before condensing on the mirror , again in larger quantities we imagined. The mission itself is not compromised, but it should change the string of measures intended to make the necessary corrections and data taking was therefore postponed, therefore, a few months.

A higher than expected flow of micrometeorites at least 50 times

A surprise was still to go. To achieve its mission, Gaia needs to be pointed very precisely in one direction, which means to know its rotation on itself. Micrometeorite impacts could bias the telescope pointing. Now, from experience with other instruments already joined the L2 Lagrange point , as Planck and Herschel, it was expected to flow micrometeorites impacting Gaia from 1 to 10 per day. Instead, the sensitivity of the instruments showed he was on the order of 500 per day!

According to astronomer Floor van Leeuwen , of the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge (UK) and member of the responsible cooperation of Gaia, although the origin of these micrometeorites is not yet well established, they could come from a dust ring surrounding the Earth , more or less associated with the Lagrange points. His colleague Nigel Hambly, University of Edinburgh, even think he could be a remnant of the formation of the Earth and the Moon .  Whatever the cause, Gaia is now ready to begin his campaign observations.

Galactic Archaeology and dark matter

Gaia is also designed to identify exoplanets . We think we can make a complete inventory of body type Jupiter in orbit around 200,000 stars closest to the Sun, up from 150 to 200 parsecs and detect thousands of planetary systems by measuring the movements of their star guests . It will also be possible to detect transits planetary photometrically.

With nearly a billion pixels, Gaia features the largest digital camera ever flown in space. The satellite rotates slowly on itself, once every six hours, scanning the sky with both telescopes. It will measure the positions and velocities of distant billion stars in the Milky Way, 30,000 light years away. © Esa, YouTube

Galactic Archaeology and dark matter

Which probably most fascinates astronomers and astrophysicists, is the possibility of the galactic archeology and attempt to better understand the nature of dark matter or disprove its existence directing us to change laws gravitation through Mond.

Indeed, Gaia must measure the positions and velocities of a billion stars in the Milky Way by performing a complete survey of the sky up to magnitude  20. In the same way that a sufficiently accurate throes of the water surface in a pool measure can tell us who jumped, where, when and what side it will be possible to go back in time to experience a part of the history of our Galaxy . How was it formed in accreting matter, such as the dwarf galaxies or current tide of stars torn from previous interactions with larger galaxies. This is one of the questions we hope to answer.

Will it has a dust ring around the Earth?

Will it has a dust ring around the Earth?

The Gaia spacecraft is ready to begin its observations in orbit around the country Lagrange point L2, despite some unforeseen inconveniences which resulted in a delay of a few months. Intended for galactic archeology, she maybe we already revealed a secret history of the solar system. Hit by a number of higher than expected micrometeorites, Gaia could be plunged into a dust ring that surrounds the Earth.

On 08/08/2014 at 11:22 - By Laurent Sacco, Futura-Sciences

An artist of the observatory Gaia in his post for the L2 Lagrange point, 1.5 million km from Earth.  For at least five years, this instrument of space astrometry observed carefully over one billion objects in the Milky Way, shown here in the background.  © Esa

Launched December 19, 2013 by a rocket Soyuz from Kourou in French Guiana, Gaia began his journey to the Lagrange point  L2. With this instrument mainly dedicated to astrometry, a wide variety of results are expected. It can be used to conduct new tests of metric theories of gravitation , as that of general relativity by studying the deflection of light by the gravitational field of the Sun and planets in the Solar System .  can also detect secular variations in the gravitational constant .

Photovoltaic solar energy, how does it work?

This new track brings another benefit: lower cost of manufacture. While solar cells are often made ​​of materials whose manufacture requires a lot of energy (including with silicon), the use of perovskite (a mineral abundant on Earth ) to require much less.

Photovoltaic solar energy, how does it work? Explanations of Jamy Gourmaud. © EDF Energies Nouvelles Spread

The cells would apply by a method akin to painting a car or graphics printing: the sprayers into several layers. The waste would be minimized. The concept could be easily adapted to mass production and become more accessible.

By replacing the layer absorption of light , essential to any photovoltaic cell , a perovskite form of paint spray, the researchers also improved energy efficiency. "The best yields of organic cells are around 10%. The perovskite cells now have an efficiency of up to 19%. This is not far behind at 25% silicon, the material that dominates the global solar market," says Professor David Lidzey, principal investigator on the project.

Photovoltaic cells in spray paint

Photovoltaic cells in spray paint

At present, the production of solar energy often requires expensive and impractical plant. If a painting could make a difference? Latest advancement in the field of green energy, a new technique used to apply photovoltaic cells to virtually any surface.

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In France, the capacity of the photovoltaic sector is 1054 MW (2010 data).  The future will tell whether the solar panels next generation may be able to increase that figure.  © Mr__H, Flickr, cc by nc sa 2.0

Researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK, have developed solar cells perovskite which may apply in the manner of a paint spray . So it would be possible in theory to transform a variety of products and surfaces generating energy. The idea of flexible solar panels is not new but has been slow to materialize.

Emory University Hospital in Atlanta

Many volunteers caregivers worldwide are working alongside health professionals in affected countries. Among them, two Americans were infected with the virus in Liberia . Samaritan's purse, employing the NGO, said they had accepted the administration of the experimental treatment against Ebola  has not yet been tested on humans. This serum, and produced by known ZMapp Mapp Biopharmaceutical San Diego, has been a study of monkeys. The results were promising. Their condition seems to have improved. Since then, Dr. Kent and Nancy Brantly Writebol are treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta (USA).

August 5, nearly a thousand patients died of Ebola suites. Many patients are placed in isolation to try to stem the epidemic. A suspected case is currently under review in New York and another in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On behalf of Twitter , Gregory Härtl, spokesman of WHO confirmed Tuesday that test results had not yet been issued. Finally, Nigeria, where an American citizen came from Liberia died of the disease last week announced six suspects, all of whom have been in contact with the first victim on the ground.

Treatment tested on doctors with

"What is missing most is the staff who experience the Ebola care " said Dr. William Stephen, physician coordinator of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to Sierra Leone. First explanation: the number of doctors and experienced in this type of situation nurses is very low. Their training does not include protocols for management of these patients highly contagious . "This disease is rare and has never been observed in this region" , he said. Result, they may not know how to react and protect themselves. Perhaps this is why the number of caregivers contaminated since the beginning of the epidemic is important. They would be sixty according to WHO.

The results of the epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever established by WHO to 4 August 2014 More than 1,700 cases have been reported in Africa, with over 900 deaths. Sierra Leone is now the most affected countries. © Idé

Treatment tested on doctors with

Now - after five months of epidemic in Guinea , "several generations of health professionals have learned how to behave in our structures, especially from their peers who have faced outbreaks in Uganda, for example" . However, "the work is intense and hard, so they must be continually renewed" . Moreover, the spread of the Ebola virus  to new countries, such as Liberia and Sierra Leone neighbors, and spread of cases represent a major obstacle. "The situation is alarming as there are so many cases in so many different places that it's hard to take them all over " , he said.

Ebola: nearly two thousand people in Africa

Ebola: nearly two thousand people in Africa

While more than 1,700 cases were reported in Africa, the epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever continues to grow and many patients were repatriated to Europe and the United States, where two doctors have just received a new treatment. WHO to hold emergency meeting on the deadly disease since yesterday. First observation: the lack of resources.

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The on-site medical staff is mobilized against the Ebola virus and is assisted by volunteers.  This parasite is not forwarding by air but by contact, carers are particularly vulnerable and begin to pay with their lives.  © MSF

To fight against the epidemic in Ebola hemorrhagic fever , the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working with scarce resources, particularly personnel trained in the management of this disease, but also equipment. While the number of cases increases and soaring spreads in increasingly scattered areas, their work takes air from mission impossible.

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Closure of Osiris: what consequences for medical tests?

Closure of Osiris: what consequences for medical tests?
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The Nuclear Safety Authority  announced  that it was "not favorable" to the prosecution after 2015  operation of Osiris reactor.

"ASN is not in favor of continuing the operation of the system OSIRIS beyond 2015 given the current level of safety of the reactor." That's what says the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in its opinion of 25 July 2014 on the continued operation of the BNI 40, called "OSIRIS". This confirms a position already expressed in recent months in technical discussions about this installation.

TECHNETIUM. But a major problem which had alerted including the Academy of Medicine in February 2014 because with the planned closure of the Osiris reactor, technetium, a radioactive element essential to scintigraphy might miss.

READ Alert to the shortage of technetium
55,000 examinations per year

Scintigraphy with technetium is essential, and in some major indications, irreplaceable. The sentinel lymph node dissection for example, which is systematic for the treatment of patients with breast cancer. The only indication is 55,000 examinations per year. The problem is the same for bone and renal scintigraphy: technetium is essential.

HK Tauri system located some 450 light-years from Earth

The two stars that make up the HK Tauri system located some 450 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus, are as young as five million years distant and about 58 billion kilometers. B. Saxton (NRAO / AUI / NSF); K. Stapelfeldt et al. (NASA / ESA Hubble)

Eccentric planets

Very good image resolution has also allowed astronomers to measure the misalignment of the two discs that difference exceeds 60 degrees. One of at least two disks does not lie in the orbital plane of the two stars: it has a large gap in this alignment. This information is important because astronomers believe that because of this misalignment, the planets that form are likely to have a very eccentric and highly inclinée.Ce orbit that will not facilitate their detection, a problem qu'auront resolve scientists in a few million years.

Until then, it will look for other factors that might explain the orbital eccentricities of some newly discovered planets. For example, the giant that puts 80,000 years to circle its star ! "The alignment discs defects can not account for all the eccentricity of the orbits of extrasolar planets. All the pieces of the puzzle has not yet been collected, which is a challenge to say the least interesting to meet ! " Eric Jensen concludes.

Double stars surrounded

Double stars surrounded

Joel Ignasse
By Joel Ignasse
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Posted on 01-08-2014 12:00
They are rimmed by a protoplanetary disk that will give birth to future exoplanets.

ALMA . This discovery was made ​​thanks to ALMA antennas Network, the most powerful ground-based observatory, installed in Chile. The images offer a view with a resolution never achieved discs and gases that surround the stars shortly after their birth. It is within the disc of matter will gradually aggregate to form planetesimals and finally of exoplanets .


In the world, the majority of the stars are actually binary systems in which the two bodies rotate around each other. Astronomers have been trying for several years to understand the internal dynamics of these systems and particularly on how planets form inside. For this, it is important to know precisely the characteristics of protoplanetary disks.

With ALMA, the team not only observed the disk surrounding the dimmest star, but also perform for the first time, to determine its speed. "It also appears that the discs have alignment defects" confides Eric Jensen, an astronomer at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, USA.

GRAPHICS. What foods are allowed in a gluten-free diet?

GRAPHICS. What foods are allowed in a gluten-free diet?
Olivier Lascar By Olivier Lascar
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Posted on 01-08-2014 at 24:37
While restaurants stamped "gluten free" are becoming more numerous, return product authorized for this type of plan.

Why Manuel Valls called for a gluten-free diet
ALLERGY OR INTOLERANCE? The first is rare and occurs immediately after ingestion. It is manifested by respiratory and / or digestive and up to cause edema.

Gluten intolerance, or celiac disease, is one of the most common digestive diseases, as we mentioned in the previous article in Sciences et Avenir. It can occur at any time of life. Celiac disease gradually destroys the lining of the small intestine and can have very serious consequences if the patient does not follow a lifelong gluten-free diet. The only known treatment is the total eviction of gluten from the diet.

Anyway here are the foods that are within the scope of a regime without gluten:

transforming the data of the order of eyeglasses in computer algorithms

How? By transforming the data of the order of eyeglasses in computer algorithms, as well as installing a light filter in front of the screen.  algorithm changed the brightness of each pixel on the screen, creating a sharper image when it reached the retina.

They devised this ingenious method, which is still at the prototype stage, in one study, in which they chose images of hot air balloons in the colors very vivid before distortion.

They found that people with minor vision problems did not perceive these deformations and their image appeared sharp. Indeed, the screen controls the manner in which each light beam emanating from the display.

The researchers also tested their technology using a digital SLR camera Canon and arrived at an equally sharp image without affecting the contrast (photo cons:  © Massachusetts Institute of Technology ).

Only problem seems to be high: how to make this technology fits many people simultaneously watching the same screen?

One of the co-authors believe that the resolution could facilitate simultaneous viewing, but further work on the subject is still needed before considering marketing.

Vision soon screens that adapt to the view?

Vision soon screens that adapt to the view?
Hugo Jalinière By Hugo Jalinière
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Posted on 01-08-2014 at 14:40

MIT researchers may have found the solution to provide people with minor ailments in order to raise their glasses in front of screens.
This screen fits the view of the user.  Screenshot You Tube This screen fits the view of the user. Screenshot You Tube

SCREENS. At USA, nearly 75% of the population uses a device ophthalmic correction (spectacles views, lentils ...). And most need to watch their screens, whether TVs, computers, tablets and others.

They perhaps will soon need to wear their glasses to watch a good movie.

Indeed, researchers at MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  believe they have found a way to provide people with vision problems to wear their glasses in front of their television or computer screen.

Transforming prescription glasses
into computer algorithms

In an article published in July , they explain that the technique is to adjust the resolution and screen brightness visual deficit of the beholder. Theoretically, the shields can therefore adapt to the view and the source and correct problems vision of the viewer.

Between 250 and 600 liters of acid per day in the river

Between 250 and 600 liters of acid per day in the river

In addition, the court ordered EDF to pay 2,000 euros in damages to each of the three environmentalists "Network out nuclear power" associations (RSN), "France Nature Environment" and "Nature and Future" which ascribed energy operator .

According to the safety agency nuclear (ASN), leakage circuit anti-scale sulfuric acid cooling towers of Chooz had led the spillage of corrosive in the Meuse, on the edge of the site.

From 6 to 29 December 2011, between 250 and 600 liters were discharged daily into the river, according to ASN.

No consequences?

"Given the speed of the Meuse during this period, this rejection has been no major impact on the water quality of the river," had the agency said in its incident report.

Seized by anti-nuclear, the floor of Charleville-Mézières had filed away their complaint, confirmed by the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of Reims before the three associations are not plaintiffs and assign EDF court of classification instance.

Nuclear power: EDF convicted pollution with sulfuric acid in a river

Nuclear power: EDF convicted pollution with sulfuric acid in a river

Sciences et Avenir with AFP
By Sciences et Avenir with AFP
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Posted on 01-08-2014 at 1:58 p.m.
The plant operator will pay 16,000 euros in fines and damages and interest for such discharges from Chooz in the Ardennes.

POLLUTION. 10,000 euro fine and 6,000 in damages. This is what EDF was sentenced Wednesday, July 30 by the District Court of Charleville-Mézières for releases of sulfuric acid in the Meuse River from the Chooz nuclear power plant (Ardennes) in late 2011.

The operator was convicted of four offenses: pollution of the Meuse, the control deficiencies, poor maintenance and delay information with a fine of 2,500 euros per offense, Has it shown to the court registry instance.

Our statistical intuition is misleading

Our statistical intuition is misleading

First, this reasoning does not take into account either the fact that there is a very large  number of planes taking off every day. Certainly, there is very little chance of dying in a plane crash. But since it is nearly 100,000 flights taking off each day around the world, the probability of a plane crash in the year becomes relatively strong.

Then, another shortcoming of this argument is not to consider the time period in which the proceedings are accidents . Again, the probability that three planes fall this week is tiny. But if the question is asked "what is the probability that 3 planes crashing in the same week for the past 10 years ", the probability rises to ... 60%.

It is very human to imagine a terrible law of series when one is faced with such a series of air disasters. Yet it does not exist, and it is no more dangerous to fly right now in 2013, a record year for air safety.

Find more information about this topic on the blog "Statistically Yours" , Avner Bar-Hen.

READ The plane is still a safe mode of transportation?

Aircraft Accidents: there he has a law of series?

Aircraft Accidents: there he has a law of series?
Erwan Lecomte By Erwan Lecomte
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Posted on 01-08-2014 at 16:10

The summer of 2014 was marked by a litany of disaster and air disasters. Is it a mere coincidence?
The location of the crash site of the Air Algeria Sipa The location of the crash site of the Air Algeria Sipa

DRAMA. Flight MH 370 which disappears at sea, Boeing 777 shot down over Ukraine, crash of a Taiwan airliner TransAsia Airways plane crash of Air Algeria ... After such a series black fatal air accidents in such a short period, it is very human to look at the plane with caution.

Indeed difficult not to think of the famous "law of series" that the probability of having so many accidents in such a short time is too small for them to be by chance. Yet c e reasoning suffers from two shortcomings that not obvious. But are indicative of our  poor intuition for statistics.

A new glider to flirt with space

A new glider to flirt with space
Joel Ignasse By Joel Ignasse
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Posted on 01-08-2014 at 3:08 p.m.
The project plans to launch a glider at high altitude, to the stratosphere from 2016.

The Perlan I, still holds the world record altitude.  AP Photo / Elaine Thompson The Perlan I, still holds the world record altitude. AP Photo / Elaine Thompson

PERLAN . It's almost a spaceship. The Perlan II, a joint project by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the Perlan Project (a group that brings together old drivers) will be the plane that will fly the highest in the sky ... in 2016 hopefully.

Crossing the troposphere and soar into the stratosphere

The future will evolve glider at an altitude of 27 km is in the middle of the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth's atmosphere that extends above the troposphere whose limit was 15 km altitude. So high in the air, the glider will face violent updrafts and as it is expected to do around the world it will also face the polar vortex.

March . In fact, the Perlan II will fly in a similar one would find in the sky of Mars environment. In the stratosphere, the air density reaches just 2% of the density at sea level and it also frois that above the red planet. To keep its lift and maintain flight in this almost empty, the aircraft must travel at high speeds close to those of his or supersonic. The fuselage must be strong enough to withstand the shock waves generated by crossing the sound barrier, yet light enough to fly. The engineers will work on new aerodynamic concepts to overcome these constraints.

According to preliminary information, the Perlan II should weigh 800 pounds in a size of 10 meters long and thirty meters span. In 2006, a version of the glider preière the Perlan I, piloted by Steve Fossett, American businessman and adventurer who has stepped aeronautical feats (man with a round the world non-stop ), beat the world record altitude by up to 15 447 meters.