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Ebola is characterized by bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea

Nigeria's Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, has assured that the Liberian hospitalized out of a plane from Togo, was not involved in the population and that "all public medical institutions in Nigeria were equipped " .

Ebola. Ebola is characterized by bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea. Its mortality rate can vary from 25 to 90% and there is no licensed vaccine.

The virus is transmitted by direct contact with body fluids and tissues of infected humans or animals.

" Ebola is contagious but can not be transmitted by water or by air. (...) The most important thing to protect is not to touch people with the symptoms, "said Tarik Jasarevic.

He stressed that a "secure burial is essential" because "in many cultures, family members touch the body during funeral rituals. This is when they are infected."

Two groups are most at risk of Ebola infection

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"They both receive intensive care, but it is of course a dangerous and scary situation," said the spokesman for the charity Samaritan's Purse, Melissa Strickland, for which the doctor works.

Two groups are most at risk: related (sick) and personal health, "said one spokesman for the WHO, Tarik Jasarevic, currently in Sierra Leone.

According to the WHO , as of July 20, 1093 cases were reported, including 660 deaths. The record was 454 cases and 219 deaths in Sierra Leone, of which 415 314 deaths in Guinea, and 224 127 deaths in Liberia.

On Friday, Nigeria announced that a national of Liberia died of Ebola in Lagos, the largest city in Africa, a megalopolis of 20 million people with sanitation and dilapidated system of health ethics. This is the first reported case in Nigeria (about 180 million), which placed all its ports and airports on alert.

In town or in the countryside, "the answer (medical) is the same: find the people who have been in contact," but "the added difficulty in urban areas is that there are more people, so it's more complicated, "said Tarik Jasarevic.

The nursing staff for ebola infections on the front line

In Freetown, no precautionary action was visible Sunday and apparently indifferent people going about their business, according to an AFP journalist.

At the Department of Health, however, it is ensured that the capital is under increased scrutiny and information campaigns have been intensified. A dedicated processing center Ebola is being installed in the hospital Lakka (western suburbs).

The nursing staff on the front line

On July 23, the ministry had announced that a medical officer of the anti-Ebola center of Kenema, Dr. Omar Khan, was infected. Three nurses at the center have already died of the disease.

Dr Khan, who remains hospitalized, "responds well to treatment," said another official from the Ministry of Health, Abubakarr Fofana.

Two Americans, including a doctor involved in the fight against the epidemic were also infected in neighboring Liberia.

Ebola is getting worse in Africa

The latest report of WHO reported 672 deaths over 1201 cases reported .

The spokesman of the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health, Sidi Yahya Tunis, said Saudatu Koroma, an apprentice hairdresser, 32, died Saturday, July 26 was Ebola.


She had been hospitalized since last Wednesday in the western suburbs of Freetown. But on Friday, "her father and her mother took her by force", prompting authorities to issue warnings of research on television and radio, said Mr. Tunis. This had convinced her to return to the hospital, but she died on the way.

Mr. Tunis, "blood samples taken from the father and mother are being analyzed." The house where she lived in East Freetown, and all its inhabitants were quarantined for 21 days, the maximum incubation period.

The epidemic affected hitherto mainly east of the country, in areas of Kenema and Kailahun.

Ebola virus: the epidemic passes a new frontier

Ebola virus: the epidemic passes a new frontier
Sciences et Avenir with AFPBy Sciences et Avenir with AFP
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The Ebola epidemic in the West Africa continues to spread. Nigeria has recorded its first case as the capital of Sierra Leone.
Protective equipment used by the nursing staff to care for the sick Ebola dry in a hospital in Monrovia, July 24, 2014 (c) AFP Protective equipment used by the nursing staff to care for the sick Ebola dry in a hospital in Monrovia, July 24, 2014 (c) AFP

Ebola: the toll continues to rise
Ebola: more than 600 deaths in West Africa
Ebola outbreak is possible in France

Ebola. Sierra Leone confirmed Sunday, July 27 the first case of Ebola in the capital Freetown, hitherto spared, two days after the announcement of the first case detected in Nigeria.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Sierra Leone is the new epicenter of the epidemic of haemorrhagic fever, largely due to the Ebola virus, which is rife in West Africa since March and continues to grow - Guinea at baseline, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and now - despite strong international mobilization.

Eating Cat is Reaosnable, really?

In Vietnam, we are fond of dog meat. But now the cat also been delighting gourmets. To the chagrin of the owners of these "little tigers", often stolen before finishing with garlic fried, boiled or roasted.

Drowned, shaved, fried

At a restaurant in Hanoi visited by AFP and the menu offers cat, animals are drowned, then shaved immersed in the frying pan. "Many people eat cat meat. This is new, they want to try," says To Van Dung, manager of the facility that explores this rarer than the traditional dog meat niche.

"Some believe that eating cat at the beginning of the lunar month luck. This is different from dog meat. We eat dog meat at the end of the lunar month. Cat, that's the beginning "says the Vietnamese 35 years.

READA cat rescues a child attacked by a dog. Really?
However, cat meat is officially illegal in Vietnam , the authorities have banned the sake of preserving these valuable rat hunters. But this restaurant ensures have no problems with the authorities. A busy day, more than a hundred customers can order cat in the restaurant To Van Dung!

Google Invests in Genetics Now

"BASELINE STUDY." And now, DNA. The Wall Street Journal reveals that Google is embarking on genetics with a project entitled "Baseline study". Objective: To analyze the samples taken from 175 anonymous donors - and hundreds of others in the future may be close - to create a massive database on the human body.

This proposed "Big data" is conducted within Google X, a research division of the Mountain View giant, which has recently  shown  with the contact lens for diabetics.  It confirms the incredible diversity of American society, moreover an area where we do not necessarily expected, his previous retractions instead been made ​​in the field of high-tech and robotics.

DRONES. April 15, 2014, the California firm Google announced the acquisition in fact the manufacturer of drones Solar Titan Aerospace. And in order to use "weather satellites" that conceives this business to make Internet access available in the most remote places on the planet.

As shown in the infographic above, this is not the first time that Google invests in company s manufacturing technology hardware high tech. Since 2006, the Internet giant combines the purchases of companies specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence. And investment were particularly heavy last year.

A story about Nazdana Illness

Other encouraging trials

Since Nazdana, doctors CHA practiced the procedure in five children suffering from the same problem as the small Winnipegger.

Good results encourage Dr. Aneal Khan, who heads research on the experimental treatment, "With the plugin, we noticed that the cells are able to help control the ammonia up to a year and a half after cell transplantation" has he explained the site Ici Radio Canada .

The urea cycle  is a process of converting the ammonia into harmless material, urea, which will pass into the urine and give yellow.
During digestion, the proteins are broken down into amino amino, kinds of building blocks which are transported in the blood and used for the growth and tissue regeneration. Excess protein our body need not go through a transformation process which converts the amino acid into ammonia. But too much of the ammonia quickly becomes toxic to the body. This is where the urea cycle. The liver must allow it to convert toxic ammonia into non-toxic derivative, urea, which is ultimately excreted in the urine.

Canadian Nazdana is Too small for transplantation

Too small for transplantation

Normally, the best treatment is a liver transplant, but Dr. Aneal Khan, a geneticist had found the operation too difficult for a child so small.

In November 2012, the girl had therefore received the first transplant of liver cells from a patient in Canada, Children's Hospital of Alberta (ACH).

Dr. Khan and other doctors had therefore carried out a series of transplants liver cells, including healthy cells used to keep ammonia levels low enough for the baby.

"The transplantation of liver cells in Calgary has given new life to Nazdana and we restored the hope that it will have a healthy future," said his father, Ali Jouhar, site Ici Radio Canada. Her daughter will therefore celebrate its second anniversary in August.

Grafted liver cells at birth, okay Nazdana

Grafted liver cells at birth, okay Nazdana
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A small Canadian who received an experimental treatment against a disorder of the urea cycle at birth is doing well two years later.
Nazdana Jan, a small Canadian two years, received the first experimental cell transplant in November 2012, and is doing well.  © HERE CBC Nazdana Jan, a small Canadian two years, received the first experimental cell transplant in November 2012, and is doing well. © HERE CBC

REGISTRY. Nazdana Jan, a little two year old girl born in Winnipeg, Canada and  grafted liver cells just three months after birth is doing well informed H ôpital for Alberta Children where she had been taken into load in November 2012.

The baby was  born in August 2012 with a disorder of the urea cycle, a genetic malfunction that prevents metabolism of ammonia produced by excess protein to be converted by the liver to harmless substance. This condition creates a build up of ammonia which, if left untreated, can cause brain damage or death.

drugs may increase the risk of obesity in adults

"While it is known that these drugs may increase the risk of obesity in adults, it is unknown whether the use of antidepressants during pregnancy increases the risk of women metabolic disorders in their children," said Holloway.

"We have demonstrated for the first time in experiments involving animals, that the use of antidepressants called SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), results in increased fat accumulation and inflammation of the liver, raising new concerns about the long-term metabolic complications in children born to mother who took SSRI antidepressants during pregnancy, "said Nicole De Long, who presented the research at a recent meeting of the International Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society.

The researchers stress that pregnant women should not avoid antidepressants during pregnancy, but they and their children should be monitored further to the potential occurrence of diabetes and obesity.

"The benefits from this research is that it can help identify groups of high-risk children who may require special treatment to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life," said De Long.

Risk Taking Antidepressants By Pregnant Women

Risk Taking Antidepressants By Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who take antidepressants may make their children who were born later had type 2 diabetes and obesity later in life, according to a new study reveals.

The increasing number of type 2 diabetes and obesity in children

antidepressants in the mother pregnant medical researchers at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, found a correlation between the use of Prozac (fluoxetine) during pregnancy with an increased risk of obesity and diabetes in laboratory studies involving animals. If the relationship is also true for women, it could explain at least one factor contributing to the increased rates of diabetes and obesity in children.

"Obesity and type 2 diabetes in children continues to rise and there is an opinion in which it relates to lifestyle and consumption of high-calorie foods and lack of physical activity. However, our research has found that the use of antidepressants by pregnant women may also be a contributing factor to the obesity and diabetes epidemic, "said researcher Alison Holloway, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at McMaster University. 

apple every morning can also help speed up the body's metabolism

eating Apples
An apple every morning can also help speed up the body's metabolism. This is because apples are rich in pectin which can encourage metabolic process. Eating apples should also be done before a workout for the body to get energy and preventing hunger.

Drinking water
Drink two glasses of water in the morning before the move is very good for cleansing the body of toxins and increase metabolism. Apply it every day and make a part of a healthy lifestyle everyday so that your body's metabolism for the better.

Drinking vegetable juice
The juice is considered very helps increase metabolism Some green vegetables, fruits, and certain grains, which is then mixed with coconut water, can be a refreshing juice drink. Vegetable juice can help the body's nutritional supplement, a source of energy, and increase metabolism.

Stretch the muscles
When arriving at the office or work place, stretch your muscles and inhale deeply. Only by stretching arms above the head, slightly rotate the arm, and draw a deep breath can release tension and burn some calories. This in turn will affect your metabolism.

5 Simple Ways to Speed ​​up Metabolism

speed up metabolism body not all people have a good metabolism. Some people have a slow metabolism, and this could also be caused due to genetic factors. However, that does not mean the problem can not be overcome. Recent research even suggests that the body can actually 'tricked' to burn calories more efficiently, especially when you are exercising.

The process of metabolism is essential for the body. At the time of metabolism, some substances are broken down to produce energy for vital processes. While other substances necessary for life will be synthesized. This chemical process is considered important for producing energy and nutrients needed to sustain life.

Simple Ways to Speed ​​up Metabolism

There are some simple ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning, which are:

Exercising will speed up metabolism and burn more calories. This activity is a choice of healthy living throughout the day. When not active, the body tends to prefer sweet foods are high in calories.

Aromatic plants contain natural substances

fennel Sowa
Sowa Fennel contains compounds that are beneficial to the fight against cancer. Called monoterpenes, these compounds stimulate the enzyme, glutathione-S-transferase. This enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that is very effective in targeting different types of carcinogens, particularly free radicals. Sowa Fennel also contains essential oils known to stimulate digestive secretions, activating the production of bile to help healthy bowel function.

Aromatic plants contain natural substances that can stop cancer cells that proliferate in the tumor. Terpenes contained in it is known to contain fatty acids that will make cancer cells die at the end. Cancer research has shown that this plant can be used in conjunction with a number of drugs that can make cancer cells become more friendly to chemotherapy.

Mint leaves
Eat mint leaves help prevent blood supply needed to grow a cancer tumor. Without a source of nutrients, the tumor will eventually die. Mint leaves contain phytochemicals that supply is cut off.

Thyme (Thymus)
Has long been used as a treatment, thyme currently has more than 350 species spread throughout the world. Such as rosemary, thyme contain terpenes. In the case of thyme, terpenes in the form of thymol. In addition to anti-cancer properties, thyme is also an antioxidant, antiseptic, and antibacterial. More than that, thyme has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is very useful to reduce the swelling in the throat and mouth.