Thursday, August 15, 2013

Download Android Commander for PC

Android Commander is a small, fast and very useful tool to manage mobile devices (Android enabled) directly from Windows. With it, you can perform various operations on files, which, for example, copy / move data between your mobile device and your computer. The program is ideal for organizing and cleaning the internal memory or an SD card installed in your mobile device. Users can wholesale move, delete and modify files and folders, check the batteries of your mobile device and read about the most important information and specifications.

Android Commander also has a special manager to manage the applications on your smartphone (Applications Manager), which enables you to install, remove, or backups (backup) of any application located on our Android device. In addition, searches for applications in the Android Market and allows you to browse the Internet addresses using the phone's built-in browser. There were in the full integration of the system shell Windows. Note: To be able to take advantage of all the opportunities the program, zrootowańá mobile device. After pressing the button "Download" you will be automatically redirected to the official website of the program, which will be able to download the application to your hard drive.